Massimo & Partners was founded in 1999 when Massimo Ianni, international hotelier, led his first individual project after 15 years with Hyatt International.


Massimo Ianni Talents emphasizes the understanding of how creativity and craftmanship influences the service environment.  We are embracing a spirit of enquiry and scholarship, business acumen, and constant innovation to build upon these foundational values.

Massimo Ianni Talents offers an innovative Virtual Platform of educational programs of professionals, pre-college audiences, and graduate students seeking expertise in the service business at large, experience creation and an understanding of the 1.1717 billion dollar international tourism industry and service sector (1). Our offering covers everything from hospitality crafts, up to the curation of contemporary rituals, including managerial skills and immersive campus experiences combined with our online learning.


Courses are structured with the guiding principle that education is gained in the virtual classroom, and that hands-on experience is equally important to foster creativity and individual contribution. Our faculty is formed of experts and leaders in their fields, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge from their professional expertise, as well as a solid educational and training background in the service industry.


Motivational talks based on Massimo’s past, present practices and consumer trends. Master classes designed for universities, professionals, and companies looking for an elevated service approach infused with creativity. Topics range from conceptualization of new products and unconventional business ideas, to the curation of new rituals, where creativity is an essential driver for economical growth.


Created with the aim of providing university graduates and young professionals starting their careers with a complete and focused specialization in the luxury market. This Master's Degree provides innovative, and creative postgraduate training for future professionals in the sector who wish to lead unique luxury ventures or provide upscale experiences to the most sophisticated clientele looking for spectacular value propositions. The Master's students can access first-hand know-how and expertise from professionals who are currently leaders in their industries, both from tangible products as well as exclusive services.


A vocational training program with a work/study format that enables Massimo Ianni Talents to share its essence with younger generations in the hospitality and tourism sector, enhancing their employability. The Institute aims to offer the ultimate educational program for the new generation of future colleagues of our ever-growing sector.


The Academy of Contemporary Rituals is a tailor-made executive program, where a mentor guides each student in the development of their best qualities and creativity. In this program, each participant develops a personal project in line with the latest industry trends. This program is driven by building an international community of bright professionals across all industries, cultivating a collaborative exchange culture in the pursuit of lifelong learning in the field of contemporary hospitality. The Academy of Contemporary Rituals is dedicated to foster emotional intelligence, adding industry relevant topics to curate true guest experiences. With its board of visionaries, owners, creative minds and renowned industry experts, this Academy provides a multi disciplinary curricula embodying trend setting practices.



Graduate of the Glion Hotel Management School (Switzerland) and Kellogg University's Hospitality Masters Degree, Massimo Ianni has been working in the International Hospitality and Tourism industry for more than 30 years.


Chief Talent Officer

Augusto holds a Degree in Sociology from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Business Administration Hotel & Restaurant Manager at Hocking College, and graduated as a Specialist in International Relations at Flacso.